Opportunity in Disruption

Posted in ACCC News, Cancer Care, Healthcare Reform by ACCCBuzz on October 3, 2013

by Amanda Patton, Manager, Communications, ACCC

“WheLR KEYNOTE IMAGEn a sector like healthcare undergoes an upheaval, it’s a great opportunity for innovation,” keynote speaker Whitney Johnson told attendees at the ACCC National Oncology Conference this morning.

Johnson’s talk, “Dare to Disrupt: Innovate from the Inside,” focused on channeling the energy from “disruption” into positive growth—both for individuals and in the workplace.

In a week that has seen both the shutdown of the federal government and the launch of health insurance exchange marketplaces—disruption could not be a more timely focus for discussion.

Riding the wave of disruption can be akin to surfing, Johnson said. She offered seven basic rules for learning how to surf the disruption wave to achieve innovation.

1)   take the right risks—don’t knock on the door that’s closed, build your own door

2)   play to your distinctive strengths—get the skills you need to do your job and then focus on what you do best

3)   embrace constraints—recognize that constraints can provide rapid feedback and force greater creativity

4)   battle entitlement—create an environment that fosters different opinions and perspectives

5)   step back or step sideways—taking a move backwards or a side step can help slingshot you to a new position

6)   put failure in its place—daring to disrupt may lead to failure, but lessons learned from failure propel innovation

7)   be discovery driven–to become an expert, you may need to go back to a beginner’s mentality

8)   find the right metrics to measure your progress–and sometimes, how often you ‘show up’ is the right metric.

We’re living in an era of accelerated disruption, especially in healthcare, said Johnson, so dare to embrace and even seek out disruption. “Ultimately innovation begins on the inside.”

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